Miroslav Kabát

Computer Vision & AI Development

Miroslav Kabát

Building computing apps for image segmentation and numerical simulations
as common and monolithic apps in .NET and Python.

📧 hello@miroslavkabat.com | 📞 +420 607 624 470

Image Classification playground

Train your model and find best hyperparameters.

My own demo project with super fast transfer learning on GPU allows train classification model within minutes.

Model Builder

NACA Airfoil Generator

From idea to black numbers in one man project.

Autodesk Inventor addin for generating NACA Airfoil in single click for wind turbine blades, wings, ruddlers and others.



Kits19 Challenge

Demonstration of symmetric Unet.

2019 Kidney Tumor Segmentation Challenge solved by 2D convolutional neural network as python opensource project.


model builder

Semantic & Instance Segmentation

Build, train and implement numerical models.

Semantic and Instance segmentation for diabetic retinopathy pathologies and defects for start up company.